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Common Part

For the BSc thesis see course description for choice of supervising chair groups and prerequisites

MCB-10806Social Psychology6.00CSB11AF
HSO-10806Introduction to Health and Society6.00CSB11MO
ECS-10801Presentation Skills for Health and Society1.00CSB12MO
RSO-13805Sociology of Health5.00CSB12MO
RHI-11306Social Transitions in Historical Perspective6.00CSB13WD
YRM-10306Research Methods in the Social Sciences6.00CSB14WD
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00CSB15AF
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB15AF
HSO-10306Global Health6.00CSB15MO
CPT-13806Ethics, Health and Society6.00CSB16AF
RSO-12806Eating, Customs and Health6.00CSB16MO
HNE-24806Introduction to Epidemiology and Public Health6.00CSB21AF
CPT-12306Introduction to Strategic Communication6.00CSB21MO
HNE-20306Nutrition Behaviour6.00CSB22AF
HSO-20306Environmental Assets for Health6.00CSB22MO
HSO-20806Health Psychology6.00CSB23WD
MST-25306Management and Innovation in the Health Sector6.00CSB24WD
SCH-23306Health Issues in Daily Life; a Bèta-Gamma Approach6.00CSB25AF
CPT-32306Health Communication and Innovation6.00CSB25MO
ECH-11806Economics of Health and Care6.00CSB26AF
YRM-21806Data Analysis for Health and Society6.00CSB26MO
HSO-30306Health Policy and Action6.00CSB34WD
HSO-31306Theoretical Approaches in Research for Health and Society6.00CSB35AF
SCH-21306Demography and Global Population Issues6.00CSB35MO
YSS-84312BSc Thesis Health and Society12.00CSB36WD