Water Technology (joint degree) (MWT) / MSc

MSc Common part

Common Part

Note: calender academic year and system of periods differ from Wageningen University. Please contact your study adviser.

In consultation and agreement with the study adviser students are allowed to replace one or more of the following three courses:
- XWT21805
- XWT23805
- XWT24305

XWT-20805Water Technologies in Global Context5.00CSM11WD
XWT-23805Transport Phenomena in Water Technology5.00CSM11WD
XWT-24305Physical Chemistry in Water Technology5.00CSM11WD
XWT-21805Water Microbiology5.00CSM12WD
XWT-31305Bioreactor Design5.00CSM12WD
XWT-32305Colloid Chemistry5.00CSM12WD
XWT-30305Biological Water Treatment and Recovery Technology5.00CSM13WD
XWT-33305Chemical Reactor Design5.00CSM13WD
XWT-34305Multi-component Mass Transfer in Membrane Processes5.00CSM13WD
XWT-34810Business Case Design Project10.00CSM14WD
XWT-35305Computational Methods in Water Technology5.00CSM14WD
XWT-70420MSc Internship Water Technology20.00CSM21,2,3,4,5,6
XWT-80440MSc Thesis Water Technology40.00CSM21,2,3,4,5,6