Animal Sciences (BAS) / BSc - Major Spec. A - Animal Management and Care (A)

Description Animal Sciences

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Limited choice:

RO-1: Choose 1 course.
RO-2: Choose 1 course.

AFI-20306Aquaculture and Fisheries6.00CSB25MO
ADP-22303Infections and Disorders3.00CSB26AF
ADP-21803Reproduction and Fertility3.00CSB26MO
BEC-21806Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing6.00RO1B25AF
YAS-21806Quality of Animal Products6.00RO1B25AF
YAS-33406Role of Livestock in Future Food Systems6.00RO2B33WD
AFI-33306Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production6.00RO2B34WD
YAS-32306Companion Animals6.00RO2B34WD