Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology (XWT)

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XWT-20805Water Technologies in Global Context
XWT-21805Water Microbiology
XWT-23805Transport Phenomena in Water Technology
XWT-24305Physical Chemistry in Water Technology
XWT-30305Biological Water Treatment and Recovery Technology
XWT-31305Bioreactor Design
XWT-32305Colloid Chemistry
XWT-33305Chemical Reactor Design
XWT-34305Multi-component Mass Transfer in Membrane Processes
XWT-34810Business Case Design Project
XWT-35305Computational Methods in Water Technology
XWT-50301Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-50302Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-50303Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-50304Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-50305Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-50306Capita Selecta Water Technology
XWT-70420MSc Internship Water Technology
XWT-80440MSc Thesis Water Technology