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FTE-12303Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 1
FTE-12803Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 2
FTE-14303Engineering problem solving
FTE-14806CAD and Mechanics
FTE-15301Orientation on the Biosystems Engineering Profession
FTE-24806Engineering Design
FTE-25303Building Physics and Climate Engineering
FTE-25806Research Methods Biosystems Engineering
FTE-26812Field Robot Design
FTE-27306Sensing and Perception
FTE-31306Greenhouse Technology
FTE-32806Automation for Bio-production
FTE-33806Biosystems Design
FTE-34306Quantitative Analysis of Innovative Biosystems
FTE-34806Modelling of Biobased Production Systems
FTE-35306Machine Learning
FTE-35806Control Methods for Precision Farming
FTE-36303Soft Robotics
FTE-50401Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50402Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50403Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50404Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50405Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50406Capita Selecta Farm Technology
FTE-50806Conservation Agriculture
FTE-70424MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-70427MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-70430MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-70433MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-70436MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-70439MSc Internship Farm Technology
FTE-79324MSc Research Practice Farm Technology
FTE-80424MSc Thesis Farm Technology
FTE-80427MSc Thesis Farm Technology
FTE-80430MSc Thesis Farm Technology
FTE-80433MSc Thesis Farm Technology
FTE-80436MSc Thesis Farm Technology
FTE-80439MSc Thesis Farm Technology