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FCH-11306Nutritional Aspects of Foods
FCH-11406Nutritional Aspects of Foods, dissection free
FCH-11806Basics in Food Technology
FCH-12306Food Technology for Nutritionists
FCH-20806Food Chemistry
FCH-21806Food Related Allergies and Intolerances
FCH-22308Food Properties and Function
FCH-30306Food Ingredient Functionality
FCH-30806Advanced Food Chemistry
FCH-31306Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery
FCH-31806Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods
FCH-32306Food Digestion: Fermentation and Gut Health
FCH-35303Food Ingredient Functionality DL
FCH-35803Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Carbohydrases & Kinetics
FCH-36303Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product Authenticity and Toxicology
FCH-36803Enzymology for Food and Biorefinery - Proteases, Lipases & Bioreactors
FCH-37303Laboratory class I - Enzymology & Analysis
FCH-37403Laboratory Class II - Food Ingredient Technofunctionality
FCH-37803Advanced Biochemical Analysis of Foods - Product Composition
FCH-38306Biofunctional Food Ingredients
FCH-50401Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50402Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50403Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50404Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-50406Capita Selecta Food Chemistry
FCH-70424MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-70427MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-70430MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-70433MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-70436MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-70439MSc Internship Food Chemistry
FCH-79324MSc Research Practice Food Chemistry
FCH-80418Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80421Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80424MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80427MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80430MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80433MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80436MSc Thesis Food Chemistry
FCH-80439MSc Thesis Food Chemistry