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ENT-20806Integrated Pest Management
ENT-21306Insects as Food and Feed
ENT-30306Ecological Aspects of Bio-interactions
ENT-30806Fundamental and Applied Aspects of the Biology of Insects
ENT-50303Analysis and Prevention of Health Risks in the Tropics
ENT-50806Insect-Plant Interactions
ENT-51306Frontiers in Medical and Veterinary Biology
ENT-51803Insects and Society
ENT-53806Biological Control of Insects
ENT-54306Insect Ecology
ENT-55303Capita Selecta Entomology
ENT-55306Capita Selecta Entomology
ENT-70424MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-70427MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-70430MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-70433MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-70436MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-70439MSc Internship Entomology
ENT-79324MSc Research Practice Entomology
ENT-80424MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80427MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80430MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80433MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80436MSc Thesis Entomology
ENT-80439MSc Thesis Entomology