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CPT-10303Ethics and Philosophy for Biologists
CPT-11806Technology, Development and Natural Resources
CPT-12306Introduction to Strategic Communication
CPT-12806Communication Theory
CPT-13306Designing Communication Interventions
CPT-13806Ethics, Health and Society
CPT-14306Life Sciences for Communication Scientists
CPT-15303Science, Technology and Society
CPT-15806Philosophy of Communication and Society
CPT-21304Introduction to Technology, Agro-ecology and Development M
CPT-21806Communication, Power and Politics
CPT-22306Communicating for Sustainability and Responsible Innovation
CPT-22806Innovation and Transformation
CPT-23306Communication & Persuasion
CPT-23804Introduction to Communication and Innovation Studies M
CPT-24306Risk Communication
CPT-24803Communication and Technology
CPT-25306Research Methods for Communication Sciences
CPT-25806Tourism Development & Planning
CPT-26306Cross-Cultural Studies
CPT-30503Data Science Ethics
CPT-30806Social Justice, Technology and Development
CPT-32306Interventions for Health Behaviour Change
CPT-32806Change, Inter-human Processes and Communication
CPT-33306Communication Strategies in Everyday Life
CPT-33806Advanced Communication Science
CPT-34806Research for Effective Communication
CPT-35306Communication and Organisations
CPT-35806Intercultural Communication
CPT-36806Critical Reflection on Research in International Development Practice
CPT-37306Politics of Knowledge and Inclusive Innovation
CPT-37806Researching Socio-Technical Practices, Innovation and Futures
CPT-38006Science Communication 2.0: Dialogue and Transdisciplinarity
CPT-38306Philosophy and Ethics of Management, Economics and Consumer Behaviour
CPT-50306Environmental Philosophy and Ecological Restoration
CPT-53301Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53302Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53303Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53304Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53305Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53306Capita Selecta Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-53806Internet-based Communication and Learning for Social Change
CPT-54301Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-54302Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-54303Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-54304Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-54305Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-54306Capita Selecta Strategic Communication
CPT-55003Selective Attention and Ethics (Philosophy from a Humanistic Perspective)
CPT-55806Introduction in Philosophy
CPT-56006Introduction to Global One Health
CPT-56306Analysing Discourse: Theories, Methods and Techniques
CPT-56802Embodiment, Food & Environment
CPT-56806Embodiment, Food & Environment
CPT-57003Food ethics: habits, moral choices, worldviews
CPT-57302Food Security and Sustainability: Food Access
CPT-57802Institutions and Societal Transformation
CPT-58306African Philosophy
CPT-58802Visual Research Methods
CPT-59301Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59303Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59304Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-59306Capita Selecta Philosophy
CPT-60306Facilitating Interactive Processes
CPT-65000Applied Ethics
CPT-65100Knowledge Hurts
CPT-70424MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70427MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70430MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70433MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70436MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70439MSc Internship Philosophy
CPT-70824MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-70827MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-70830MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-70833MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-70836MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-70839MSc Internship Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-71324MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-71327MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-71330MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-71333MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-71336MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-71339MSc Internship Strategic Communication
CPT-79324MSc Research Practice Philosophy
CPT-79424MSc Research Practice Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-79524MSc Research Practice Strategic Communication
CPT-80424MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80427MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80430MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80433MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80436MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80439MSc Thesis Philosophy
CPT-80818Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80821Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80824MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80827MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80830MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80833MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80836MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-80839MSc Thesis Knowledge, Technology and Innovation
CPT-81318Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81321Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81324MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81327MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81330MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81333MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81336MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81339MSc Thesis Strategic Communication
CPT-81812BSc Thesis Communicatie en Life Sciences