MCB-11805 Introduction to Management and Consumer Studies


Credits 5.00

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This course is the introduction to the BSc Management and Consumer studies (BBC). It introduces students to the complexities, challenges, subtleties and specific issues of agri-food chains; and how theoretical approaches from consumer and business science support dealing with those. 
Fundamental is the idea that sustainable agri-food chains are developed in the context of consumer demand and business processes while being embedded in society. Theories relevant for, and disciplinary perspectives on businesses, markets, and consumption are introduced. Theoretical insights from the different domains will be linked to practical issues in agri-food chains.The Bachelor programme Management and Consumer studies is introduced, with attention for how its four learning pathways, (1) consumer studies, (2) business studies, (3) methods and (4) academic skills, support students towards obtaining the program learning goals tested in the BSc thesis.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- recognize different disciplinary perspectives to investigate agri-food chains;
- understand the basic theoretical approaches in consumer and business studies;
- apply theories to suggest solutions dealing with basic complexities, challenges, subtleties and issues of agri-food chains;
- write an academically organised report as a group.


- lectures;
- self study;
- Group assignment.


- written examination (70%);
- written assignment (30%).
Each component needs a minimum mark of 5.5 to pass.


Reader and materials announced in Learning environment@WUR.