Biosystems Engineering (BAT) / BSc

BSc Common part

Common Part

Before starting with the BSc-thesis students should have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses including all courses of the B1 and FTE-26806 Data Analysis Biosystems Engineering and FTE-25806 Research Methods Biosystems Engineering.
RO-1: Choose MAT-14803 Mathematics 1 if you did Math A at VWO; choose MAT-15303 Statistics1 if you did Math B at VWO
RO-2: Choose 2 courses in consultation with your study adviser
RO-3: Choose 0 or 1 course from this cluster when you are interested in field robot design.
RO-4: Choose 0, 6 or 12 credits from this cluster.

RSO-12306Biosystems Engineering and Society6.00CSB11AF
FTE-12303Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 13.00CSB11MO
FTE-12803Introduction Biosystems Engineering part 23.00CSB12AF
MAT-14903Mathematics 23.00CSB12AF
BIP-10306Introductory Physics6.00CSB12MO
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB13AF
PCC-12803General Chemistry for the Life Sciences3.00CSB13MO
ORC-13803Bio-organic Chemistry for Life Sciences3.00CSB14AF
MAT-15003Mathematics 33.00CSB14MO
BEC-21806Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing6.00CSB15AF
FTE-14303Engineering problem solving3.00CSB15MO
MAT-24803Mathematics for Time-dependent Systems3.00CSB15MO
FTE-14806CAD and Mechanics6.00CSB16AF
BPE-10305Process Engineering Basics5.00CSB16MO
FTE-15301Orientation on the Biosystems Engineering Profession1.00CSB16WD
INF-22306Programming in Python6.00CSB21AF
MAT-26806Data Analysis for Biosystems Engineering6.00CSB21MO
ORL-20306Decision Science 16.00CSB22AF
BCT-20306Modelling Dynamic Systems6.00CSB22MO
MAT-26306Control Engineering6.00CSB24WD
BCT-22803Physical Transport Phenomena3.00CSB25AF
FTE-25303Building Physics and Climate Engineering3.00CSB25AF
FTE-24806Engineering Design6.00CSB25MO
FTE-25806Research Methods Biosystems Engineering6.00CSB26AF
FTE-27306Sensing and Perception6.00CSB26MO
YWU-80324BSc Thesis Biosystems Engineering24.00CSB31,2,3,4,5,6
MAT-14803Mathematics 13.00RO1B11MO
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00RO1B11MO
CSA-20306Soil-Plant Relations6.00RO2B2/33WD
PPH-10306Biology of Plants6.00RO2B2/33WD
YAS-10806Biology of Domestic Animals6.00RO2B2/33WD
MIB-10306Microbiology & Biochemistry6.00RO2B32AF, 3AF+4AF
FTE-26812Field Robot Design12.00RO3B35WD+6WD
GRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science6.00RO4B31MO
INF-21306Data Management6.00RO4B31MO, 5MO
ETE-24804Fundamentals of Environmental Technology4.00RO4B32MO
PCC-21802Introductory Thermodynamics A2.00RO4B32MO
ORL-33306Decision Science for Technology6.00RO4B34WD