BSc Minor Bionanotechnology (WUBNT) / BSc

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Common Part

Choose 6 credits from the RO1 cluster. Contact the minor coordinator for advice to determine the RO1 choice.
RO2: This course is optional, but highly recommended.

BNT-50806BioNanoTechnology; Introduction6.00CS1AF
BNT-51306BioNanoTechnology: Sensors & Devices6.00CS2MO
BNT-30306BioNanoTechnology; Nanomedicine6.00CS3WD
ORC-50803Chemical Biology: Exploring Biology with Small Molecules3.00RO11MO
TOX-20303General Toxicology3.00RO11MO
CLB-30306Cell Biology and Advanced Imaging Technologies6.00RO12AF
BNT-51801Integrated BioNanoTechnology1.00RO21WD+2WD+3WD