Biosystems Engineering (MBE) / MSc

MSc Gemeenschappelijk gedeelte

Common Part

RO-1 - RO-7: Choose 1 cluster:
- If you select RO-1, choose 2 courses from RO-1A
- If you select RO-2, choose 2 courses from RO-2A
- If you select RO-3, choose 2 courses from RO-3A
- If you select RO-4, choose 2 courses from RO-4A
- If you select RO-6, choose 1 course from RO-6A
- If you select RO-7, choose RO-7A or RO-7B
RO-8: Career preparation. Choose one of the following tracks:
1 - General track;
2 - Entrepreneurship track;
3 - Research track.
1. General track (RO-8A): choose YMC60809 and 3 credits worth of Modular Skills Training courses (MOS).
2. Entrepreneurship track (RO-8A): choose an entrepreneurial YMC60809 and 3 credits worth of Modular Skills Training courses (MOS). The internship needs to be co-supervised by ELS or MST. Further details see:
3 - Research track (RO-8B).

RO-9: Choose 1 internship. The internship may be replaced by a second thesis if supported by the study adviser. Students who have completed the MSc track Entrepreneurship, may choose the internship ELS70824 instead.

FTE-34806Modelling of Biobased Production Systems6.00CSM11AF
FTE-33806Biosystems Design6.00CSM11MO
ZSS-06000General Safety0.00CSM11WD, 4WD
ZSS-06100Laboratory Safety0.00CSM11WD, 4WD
FTE-34306Quantitative Analysis of Innovative Biosystems6.00CSM12AF
BCT-30806Physical Modelling6.00RO1AM13WD
MAT-31806System Identification: learning for decision and control6.00RO1AM14WD
MAT-32306Systems and Control Theory6.00RO1AM15MO
MAT-80436MSc Thesis Mathematical and Statistical Methods36.00RO1M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
FTE-31306Greenhouse Technology6.00RO2AM13WD
FTE-35306Machine Learning6.00RO2AM14WD
FTE-35806Control Methods for Precision Farming6.00RO2AM15MO
GRS-34806Deep Learning6.00RO2AM15MO
FTE-32806Automation for Bio-production6.00RO2AM16AF
FTE-80436MSc Thesis Farm Technology36.00RO2M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
FTE-36303Soft Robotics3.00RO2AM1/22AF
INF-33806Big Data6.00RO3AM12MO
FTE-35306Machine Learning6.00RO3AM14WD
INF-34806Agent-Based Modelling of Complex Adaptive Systems6.00RO3AM14WD
INF-32306Software Engineering6.00RO3AM15AF
GRS-34806Deep Learning6.00RO3AM15MO
INF-21306Data Management6.00RO3AM15MO
INF-31306Engineering and Management of Information Systems6.00RO3AM16MO
INF-80436MSc Thesis Information Technology36.00RO3M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
BCT-30806Physical Modelling6.00RO4AM13WD
ETE-30306Biological Processes for Resource Recovery6.00RO4AM14WD
ETE-35306Environmental Electrochemical Engineering6.00RO4AM15MO
ETE-80436MSc Thesis Environmental Technology36.00RO4M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
ORL-30306Decision Science 26.00RO5M15MO
ORL-30806Operations Research and Logistics6.00RO5M16MO
ORL-80436MSc Thesis Operations Research and Logistics36.00RO5M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
BCT-32306Advanced Biorefinery6.00RO6M15AF
BCT-30806Physical Modelling6.00RO6AM13WD
ORL-32806Sustainability Analysis6.00RO6AM13WD
ETE-35306Environmental Electrochemical Engineering6.00RO6AM15MO
BCT-80436MSc Thesis Biobased Chemistry and Technology36.00RO6M1/21,2,3,4,5,6
GRS-20306Remote Sensing6.00RO7AM12MO
GRS-32306Advanced Earth Observation6.00RO7AM15AF
GRS-20806Geo-information Tools6.00RO7BM12AF, 5AF
GRS-30306Spatial Modelling and Statistics6.00RO7BM15MO
GRS-80436MSc Thesis Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing36.00RO7M21,2,3,4,5,6
YMC-60809Academic Consultancy Training9.00RO8AM1/21WD, 2WD, 3MO+4WD, 5WD, 6WD
YMC-60300Modular Skills Training3.00RO8AM1/22AF, 3AF, 5AF, 6AF
YWU-60312Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing12.00RO8BM21WD, 2WD, 3WD+4WD, 5WD, 6WD
BCT-70424MSc Internship Biobased Chemistry and Technology24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
ETE-70424MSc Internship Environmental Technology24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
FTE-70424MSc Internship Farm Technology24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
GRS-70424MSc Internship Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
INF-70424MSc Internship Information Technology24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
MAT-70424MSc Internship Mathematical and Statistical Methods24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6
ORL-70424MSc Internship Operations Research and Logistics24.00RO9M21,2,3,4,5,6