BSc Minor Biotechnology (WUBIT) / BSc


Common Part

RO1: Students with FPE21306 or BCT22803 in programme choose BPE-20806. Other students choose BCT-22803 and ETE23803.
RO2: Students with MOB-20306 as part of their major (BBI-A) choose RO2B. All other students choose RO2A. Students following RO1B (BFT, BAT, BES-C) can follow RO2A in 6WD.

BIC-20306Cell Physiology and Genetics6.00CS4WD
BCT-22803Physical Transport Phenomena3.00RO1A5AF
ETE-23803Environmental Process Engineering3.00RO1A5AF
BPE-20806Separation Process Design6.00RO1B5MO
MOB-20306Gene Technology6.00RO2A5MO
BPE-12806Bioprocess Engineering Basics BT6.00RO2B5MO