ENP-38803 Sustainable Technology Development: Analysis Assignment


Studiepunten 3.00

Group work8
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)dr. MAJ Lamers
Lecturer(s)dr. ir. BJM van Vliet
dr. MAJ Lamers
Examiner(s)dr. MAJ Lamers
dr. ir. BJM van Vliet

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

BSc tourism first and second year, ENP-37803


This course is a continuation of ENP-37803, and is especially geared to students of the Bachelor program Tourism (BTO). It aims to apply, and reflect on, the theories on the relations between technology and society and the methodologies of sustainable technology development in a group assignment that analyses and evaluates a contemporary sustainable technology project in the Netherlands, relevant for tourism.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- explain, compare and select appropriate social science theories and methods to analyse sustainable technology developments in tourism contexts;
- apply social science theories and methods to contemporary sustainable technology developments in tourism contexts;
- evaluate contemporary socio-technical experiments or developments in tourism contexts in terms of their contribution to socio-technical transitions;
- execute a research project on sustainable tourism technology, including searching, and analysing relevant literature and information, and reporting and presenting the results.


- group-based research assignment;
- meetings with supervisor;
- joint-paper writing;
- joint-presentation.


- paper (90%);
- presentation (10%).


Matthewman, S. (2011). Technology & Social Theory. London: Palgrave Macmillan and additional articles. Book chapters made available on MyPortal.

Verplicht voor: BTOTourism (joint degree)BSc4AF