International Land and Water Management (BIL) / BSc

BSc Gemeenschappelijk gedeelte

Common Part

Choose periods 1,2,3 or periods 4,5,6 for the internship/thesis combination, depending on your free choice or choice for specific minors. Before starting with the BSc internship and BSc thesis students should have completed all courses of the B1 and at least 40 credits of the B2 (including WRM-21312 and YRM-21306).

YEI-10306Introduction Environmental Sciences6.00CSB11AF
PEN-10503Ecology I3.00CSB11MO
WRM-11303Orientation on International Land and Water Management3.00CSB11MO
HWM-10303Water 13.00CSB12AF
SGL-11303Soil 13.00CSB12AF
MAT-14903Mathematics 23.00CSB12MO
MAT-15003Mathematics 33.00CSB12MO
AEP-10303Introduction Economics3.00CSB13AF
RSO-13303Science, Technology and Society3.00CSB13MO
SOQ-22803Soil 23.00CSB14AF
AEW-23803Water 23.00CSB14MO
HWM-21806Hydraulics and Hydrometry6.00CSB15AF
CPT-11806Technology, Development and Natural Resources6.00CSB15MO
CSA-10306Cropping Systems and Knowledge of Crops6.00CSB16WD
SLM-10806Design in Land and Water Management 16.00CSB16WD
SLM-10306Land Degradation and Remediation6.00CSB21AF
WRM-10306Irrigation and Water Management6.00CSB21MO
MAT-15303Statistics 13.00CSB22AF
MAT-15403Statistics 23.00CSB22AF
SLM-20306Land and Water Engineering6.00CSB22MO
GRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science6.00CSB23WD
DEC-20306Rural Households and Livelihood Strategies6.00CSB24WD
SDC-22806Natural Resource Governance in a Complex World6.00CSB25AF
WRM-21312Design in Land and Water Management 212.00CSB25MO+6WD
YRM-21306Research Methodology for Human Environment Interactions6.00CSB26WD
YEI-70318BSc Internship International Land and Water Management18.00CSB31,2,3,4,5,6
YEI-80812BSc Thesis International Land and Water Management12.00CSB31,2,3,4,5,6