BSc Minor Healthy Aging in Humans and Model Species (WUHAH) / BSc

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Common Part

RO1: Students from BVG have to choose Introduction to Genetic Analysis; students from BML, BBT and BPW choose Principles of Human Physiology; students from BBI and BDW choose Pharmacology and Nutrition; other WU-students choose Introduction to Genetic Analysis.

NEM-52306Concepts and Theories of Healthy Aging6.00CS1AF
HNE-51806Interventions for Healthy Ageing in Humans and Model Species6.00CS2AF
CPT-23306Communication & Persuasion6.00CS2MO
GEN-21306Introduction to Genetic Analysis6.00RO11MO
HAP-10306Principles of Human Physiology6.00RO13WD
HNE-23306Pharmacology and Nutrition6.00RO13WD