BSc Minor Climate Change: Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Society (WUCLC) / BSc

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Common Part

RO1: Choose 1 course, consult the minor coordinator
RO2: Choose 1 course, consult the minor coordinator
RO3: Choose 1 course

ESA-23306Introduction to Global Change6.00CS1MO
ENR-22806Principles of Climate Change Economics and Policy6.00RO11AF
SOQ-23306Principles of Earth and Ecosystem Science6.00RO11AF
ESA-22806Environmental Systems Analysis: Methods and Applications6.00RO22AF
MAQ-23306System Earth: Scale Dependence, Feedbacks and Global Change6.00RO22AF
ENP-23806Sustainability Transitions: Concepts, Issues and Indicators6.00RO22MO
SLM-51306Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries6.00RO33WD
WSG-51306Adaptation to Climate Change6.00RO33WD