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Contact person(s) education

YSS-10906Analysis of a Problem Situation
YSS-20306Quantitative and Qualitative Research Techniques in the Social Sciences
YSS-21303European Exchange programme Management, Consumer Studies and Economics
YSS-22306Introduction to Management and Life Sciences
YSS-31306Thesis Path MDR
YSS-31806Consumer, Technology and Innovation
YSS-32306Technology, Innovation and Strategy
YSS-32806Advanced Supply Chain Management
YSS-33306Advanced Consumer Studies
YSS-33806Interdisciplinary Themes in Food and Sustainability
YSS-34306Advanced Econometrics
YSS-34803Seminar Social Sciences
YSS-60806Cutting Edge Issues in Development and Rural Innovation
YSS-80824MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-80827MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-80830MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-80833MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-80836MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-80839MSc Thesis Gender Studies in Agriculture
YSS-81312BSc Thesis Economics and Governance
YSS-81812BSc Thesis Business Studies
YSS-82312BSc Thesis Consumer Studies
YSS-82812BSc Thesis Sociology of Development
YSS-83312BSc Thesis Economics of Development
YSS-83812BSc Thesis Communication, Technology and Policy
YSS-84312BSc Thesis Health and Society