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General information

The courses of the Wageningen Bachelors Honours Programme are only open for students who are selected. The Honours Programme will be on top of your regular bachelor study programme and has a workload of 30 credits. It runs from period 4 of the 1st year up till period 6 of the 3rd year. The courses take place mainly in the evenings, self-study weeks and summer vacations. The first selection for the Bachelor Honours Programme will be in January. Motivation, having the right attitude and good grades will be decisive: openess, eagerness to learn, drive, team spirit and good progress in study. The second and final selection moment will be after the oriëntation Course BSc Honours Programme. Participation in the oriëntation course is a requirement for enrolment in the rest of the Honours Programme.

YHP-11303Orientation Course BSc Honours Programme
YHP-11802Kick-off BSc Honours Programme
YHP-21302Honours Card 1
YHP-21809Honours Investigation Project
YHP-22302Honours Card 2
YHP-22802Honours Card 3
YHP-23302Honours Cards 4
YHP-30301Honours Individual Tutoring
YHP-30803Honours Activities
YHP-80304Extension BSc thesis research