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BSc Common part

Common Part

Before starting with the BSc-thesis part 2 students must have completed at least 102 credits of CS and RO courses, including all 60 credits of the B1 and the thesis introductory B2 course of the chair group supervising the BSc thesis (see course guide for details).
RO1: depending on prior education students choose:
- Students with VWO Math A choose MAT-14803 Mathematics 1
- Students with VWO Math B choose PCC-22803 Theory of Relativity
- Students with VWO Math D choose PCC-22803 Theory of Relativity

MAT-14903Mathematics 23.00CSB11AF
BPE-13303Introduction to Molecular Life Sciences and Biotechnology3.00CSB11MO
PCC-12303General Chemistry 13.00CSB11MO
CBI-10306Cell Biology6.00CSB12AF
BIP-10303Physics MLS3.00CSB12MO
PCC-13803General Chemistry 2 MLS3.00CSB12MO
MIB-10306Microbiology & Biochemistry6.00CSB13AF+4AF
MAT-15003Mathematics 33.00CSB13MO
ORC-12803Organic Chemistry 13.00CSB14MO
BIC-10306Practical Biological Chemistry6.00CSB15AF
ORC-12903Organic Chemistry 23.00CSB15MO
PCC-23303Introductory Thermodynamics B3.00CSB15MO
BIC-10807Molecular Life Sciences7.00CSB16WD
BIP-11805Introduction Quantum Mechanics5.00CSB16WD
ORC-11806Analytical Methods in Organic Chemistry6.00CSB21AF
BIP-24806Atomic and Molecular Structure6.00CSB21MO
PCC-22306Driving Forces in Chemistry, Physics and Biology6.00CSB22AF
ORC-20306Bio-organic Chemistry6.00CSB22MO
BIC-20306Cell Physiology and Genetics6.00CSB24WD
BIP-24306Spectroscopy and Imaging6.00CSB25AF
PCC-20806Soft Matter6.00CSB25MO
BNT-20806Bio-Inorganic Chemistry6.00CSB26WD
MOB-20306Gene Technology6.00CSB26WD
YML-80321BSc Thesis Molecular Life Sciences21.00CSB31WD+2WD, 5WD+6WD
YML-20303Philosophy of Science and Ethics in Molecular Life Sciences3.00CSB32AF, 5AF
MAT-14803Mathematics 13.00RO1B11AF
PCC-22803Theory of Relativity3.00RO1B11AF