BSc Minor Living Earth (WULEA) / BSc


Common Part

RO1: Choose SBL-21806 or MAQ-10306 if AEW-23803 and SOQ-22803 are part of your BSc programme; all other students choose AEW-23803 and SOQ-22803.

HWM-21806Hydraulics and Hydrometry6.00CS5AF
HWM-23306Field Practical Hydrology, Water Quality and Meteorology6.00CS6WD
SGL-22306Geology, Soils and Landscapes of the Rhine-Meuse Delta6.00CS6WD
SOC-22803Introduction to Soil Chemical, Physical and Biological Processes3.00RO14AF
AEW-23803Water 23.00RO14MO
MAQ-10306Introduction Atmosphere6.00RO15MO
SBL-21806Soil Quality6.00RO15MO