BSc Minor International Land and Water Management (WUILW) / BSc


Common Part

RO1: students with GRS-10306 or GRS-10806 in their major have to take the course Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries.

Note on the program : please note that no specific course is planned in the morning of the second period (2MO); this is free choice. Also note that in the third period you either follow GRS10306 if you do not have GIS experience; if you do, you rather can choose SLM-51306.

SLM-10306Land Degradation and Remediation6.00CS1AF
WRM-10306Irrigation and Water Management6.00CS1MO
PPS-31306Global Food Security6.00CS2AF
GRS-10306Introduction Geo-information Science6.00RO13WD
SLM-51306Adaptation to Climate Change in Developing Countries6.00RO13WD