ENP-60312 International Environmental Policy Consultancy


Credits 12.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Group work25
Excursion (one day)8
Course coordinator(s)MH Lahsen PhD
P Mguni
Lecturer(s)MH Lahsen PhD
P Mguni
Examiner(s)MH Lahsen PhD

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Environmental Policy, International Development or International Relations


The International Environmental Policy Consultancy (IEPC) is an innovative, collaborative, applied course and practical training in environmental policy consultation at the global level. Linked via digital technology with students in a parallel course at SUNY, the State University of New York, students in this course engage in a consultancy project with the Policy Analysis Branch of the United Nations Division for Sustainable Development (UN-DSD) focusing on 'Assessing Sustainable Development for the UN Global Sustainable Development Report'. Together with their counterparts at SUNY, students will fulfill the client's Terms of Reference, producing and delivering material in support of the new global Sustainable Development Goals. The IEPC is part of the Sustainable Development Diplomacy (SDD) track and can accommodate up to 12 students. Students who have been admitted to the SDD track have right of precedence. Any vacancies are open to other students if they have successfully completed at least 12 but preferably 24 credits of MSc-level courses or a first MSc-thesis.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- apply their academic knowledge and general academic skills and attitude to a project dealing with a complex problem commissioned by a client outside the university;
- design solutions to an environmental issue;
- work as part of a multi-disciplinary and -cultural team (in two global regions);
- develop a project management plan, execute it and adjust it if circumstances make it necessary;
- reflect on aspects that are of importance for successfully executing a project;
- reflect on their own functioning and contribution to the execution of a project in terms of disciplinary knowledge, academic skills, group dynamics, and intercultural setting;
- communicate their findings orally and in writing to the client.


Tutorial's on project cycle management, group dynamics, methodology, planning, reflection and consultancy report writing; independent group work; feedback sessions; video conferencing; data collection (literature review and interviewing experts outside Wageningen), analysis and interpretation; report writing and presentation skills.


- client's assessment of the final report (50%);
- participation (25%);
- reflection paper (25%).


To be announced.

Restricted Optional for: MESEnvironmental SciencesMSc2WD
MCLClimate StudiesMSc2WD
MIDInternational Development StudiesMSc2WD