BEC-54303 Wageningen School of Social Sciences Graduate Programme Orientation


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)ir. FM van Straalen
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. AGJM Oude Lansink
ir. FM van Straalen
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. AGJM Oude Lansink

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This course is part of the WASS graduate programme aimed at students in the MSc programmes MME, MID, MDR and MCH. The course offers insight in the research programmes of the chair groups of WASS. Students will acquire knowledge about the PhD trajectory. On the basis of this knowledge, the course guides students in making an informed choice for a research topic, a chair group and a tutor for writing a PhD proposal.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- distinguish and appraise the main research topics and scientific traditions in WASS research;
- describe the pro and cons of a PhD trajectory and analyse funding opportunities;
- make an informed conclusion about a suitable chair group for conducting a future PhD research and a research topic.


The course consists of an introductory event with lectures, during which students will compose an individual plan for chair group rotations (assignment 1). Students will individually visit three chair groups of their own choice, interview PhD candidates and write a report on their observations and findings, in which they justify their choice for a certain research topic and chair group (assignment 2). Students will design and present a poster about their research plan (assignment 3.)


- individual report (80%);
- presentation (20%).
Each component requires a minimum of 5.5 to pass.


Not available.