BEC-52306 Financial and Business Management


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Independent study0
Course coordinator(s)FKG Ang
Lecturer(s)FKG Ang
dr. G van der Velde
Examiner(s)FKG Ang

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Assumed knowledge on:

The course is meant primarily for students with a non-economic background, who wish to develop themselves in the area of business economics and financial management. No further background required. Excluded are students who follow(ed) the course(s) Agricultural Business Economics (BEC-51806) and/or Financial Management in Agriculture (BEC-52306).


The course aims at giving insight in business economics and management, with a focus on financial management (finance) and accounting (financial reporting). The corporate business decision making process is studied from different perspectives, i.e. profit, risk, finance, markets, cost savings, and sustainability performance.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- understand accounting & finance techniques;
- apply accounting & finance techniques;
- interpret relevant finance literature.


- lectures including guest lectures;
- individual exercises and practicals;
- group-work and plenary discussions;
- self-study.


- group work related to lectures and practicals (20%);
- written test with multiple choice and open questions (80%).
Each component needs a minimum mark of 5.0 to pass, while the joint mark should not be lower than 5.5.


Book: Atrill P. and E. McLaney. (2015). Accounting and Finance for non-specialists. 9th ed. ISBN 978-1-292-06271-6. (Or later edition if available.)

Compulsory for: WUESDBSc Minor Economics of Sustainable Development1MO
WUSCMBSc Minor Supply Chain Management1MO
Restricted Optional for: WUINEBSc Minor Innovation and Entrepreneurship1MO