Leisure, Tourism and Environment (MTO) / MSc


The MSc programme Leisure, Tourism and Environment is characterized by a worldwide, trans-disciplinary, critical and innovative approach. It focuses on the relationship between leisure and environment, with special attention for tourism. Although leisure is not a term known everywhere in the world, it is a phenomenon that occurs at all times, all locations and in every society. More and more people throughout the world are spending a growing proportion of their time and money on leisure. This growth is related to international and domestic tourism, indoor and outdoor sports, outdoor recreation, arts and culture provision and participation, mass media use and everyday leisure activities. The economic importance of leisure and tourism services is growing tremendously. There is increasing awareness that leisure has major consequences for cultural, political, technological, economic and geographical transformations throughout the world. In this respect, tourism as one of leisure's manifestations is a powerful agent of cultural globalization and regionalization at the same time. Leisure can have a major contribution to quality of life and social well-being and it has been long recognized for its role in community and regional development. Furthermore, tourism and leisure developments can have major environmental impacts. The programme is international and cross-cultural. Due to lecturing of many international guest lecturers from all continents, an extraordinarily broad range of academic experience is brought together. Consequently, the mission of the programme is to bring students and academics from all parts of the world together in a multi-cultural setting.

Learning Outcomes

After succesful completion of this MSc programme graduates are expected to:
- have in-depth knowledge about the social and spatial relevance and transformation processes of leisure, with an emphasis on tourism, related discourses, traditions and approaches;
- have knowledge of established and novel theoretical approaches of sociology, social psychology, human geography, anthropology and philosophy in relation to the analysis of leisure and tourism, (s)he can appraise their usefulness and indicate the need for new theoretical development;
- be able to identify problems, analyze issues and find tailor-made solutions in leisure, tourism and environment from a multi- and trans-disciplinary social science perspective;
- be able to independently assess social science research methods for data collection and analysis and construct an appropriate quantitative and/or qualitative design for advanced empirical research;
- be able to independently define issues in leisure, tourism and environment and develop, implement and defend a suitable research proposal;
- be able to independently assess needs and opportunities for different (policy) interventions, translate own research outcomes into advice and suggest new and more effective and sustainable solutions in the field of leisure, tourism and environment;
- be able to assess issues in leisure, tourism and environment from a comparative point of view and can work in an international and multicultural context;
- have the ability to independently acquire new knowledge and skills in order to analyze complex issues and reflect on his/her academic and professional development;
- be able to clearly, argumentatively and unambiguously communicate research results and the knowledge and rationale underpinning of these in a way that reflects the needs and interests of specific audiences;
- be able to integrate ethical responsibility in his/her professional practice at all times;
- have a scientific (research) attitude of life-long learning as well as an open mind and a critical and (self-) reflective working style.

Programme Director

Drs J.F.B. Philipsen
Phone: 0317-(4)82771
Email: jan.philipsen@wur.nl

Study Adviser(s)

- K. Zellmer MSc
Phone: 0317-(4)84384
Email: katharina.zellmer@wur.nl

Programme Committee

Chair: Drs. J.F.B. Philipsen
Secretary: J. Welling



Study Association

Gaia building, Droevendaalsesteeg 3, 6708 PB Wageningen
Internet: http:/www.licere.nl