Molecular Life Sciences (MML) / MSc


The MSc-programme Molecular Life Sciences aims at further developing and deepening the knowledge and skills of BSc-graduates from various interdisciplinary fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology. Students are offered five specializations: Biomedical Research, Biological Chemistry, Physical Biology, Physical Chemistry and Environmental Chemistry. The specializations of this programme aim at acquiring positions as a researcher, expert or manager in chemical, physical, biological or medical fields. In each specialization, there is a special track to prepare for becoming a chemistry teacher in Dutch secondary schools (eerstegraadsleraar scheikunde; only for selected BSc's).

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this MSc-programme graduates are expected to:
- have specialized knowledge and skills in one or more of the fields related to the molecular life sciences;
- be able to write a research protocol aimed at solving complex problems in the field of molecular life sciences, and adequately execute this protocol under the supervision of an experienced investigator;
- be able to contribute as an expert, manager or relatively independent investigator to interdisciplinary research projects in one or more areas of the molecular life sciences.


- Biomedical Research;
- Biological Chemistry;
- Physical Biology;
- Physical Chemistry;
- Environmental Chemistry.

Programme Director

Dr ir P.A. Barneveld
Phone: 0317-(4)84962

Study Adviser(s)

- Dr C.W. Hoogendam (A-K)
Phone: 0317-(4)84426
- Dr ir J. Wellink (L-Z)
Phone: 0317-(4)83266

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr ir P.A. Barneveld
Secretary: Dr ir P.A. Barneveld


Study Association

MSV Alchimica