International Land and Water Management (MIL) / MSc


The MSc programme International Land and Water Management focuses on the scientific analysis of land and water management issues at various scales, integrating physical, technical, socio-economic and political dimensions in coherent approaches to understanding and tackling land and water management problems.
The specialisation Land Degradation and Development deals with land and water management interventions in farming systems (at both field and watershed scales) aiming at preventing, reducing or recovering losses of soil, water and plant nutrients. Topics covered include erosion processes and the planning, design and socio-economic evaluation of soil and water conservation measures. Students in the specialisation Irrigation and Water Management get extensive knowledge on water use in agriculture. Irrigation from the farm level to the watershed level- is the main focus. Topics include irrigation of agricultural land, design of irrigation systems, improving the performance of existing farm irrigation systems and practices, and irrigation in its wider water management context. The specialisation Integrated Water Management focuses on the integrated management of land and water resources in hydrological features such as catchments and river basins. Integrated water management involves a process of participatory planning, decision making and implementation at various scales.

Learning Outcomes

After succesful completion of this MSc programme graduates are expected to:
- have developed comparative insights into the complexity of land and water management within watersheds;
- have a scientific approach to a range of research paradigms and have acquired a problem oriented, interdisciplinary attitude towards land and water management and rural development;
- have adopted interactive approaches with stakeholders and actors at the respective levels;
- be familiar with policymaking, the institutional contexts and the multi-facetted consequences of interventions in land and water development;
- be able to design alternative management systems for land and water use and is capable of coordinating activities concerning land and water management;
- have acquired international fieldwork experience during data collection for the thesis research project.


- Land Degradation and Development;
- Irrigation and Water Management;
- Integrated Water Management.

Programme Director

- Ir C.F. Heijmans
Phone: 0317-(4)82770
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Study Adviser(s)

- Ir B. Bruins
Phone: 0317-(4)83706
- Ir N Post Uiterweer
Phone: 0317-(4)82916

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr S.M. Visser
Secretary: Dr ir F. Wester

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