International Development Studies (MID) / MSc


The MSc programme International Development Studies deals with worldwide social transformation processes related to livelihoods, agro-food networks and the environment. It focuses on Europe and developing countries within a dynamic international context. Students can select one of three specializations.
The Sociology of Development specialization addresses the domain of the programme from a sociological-anthropological perspective, with special emphasis on an integrative approach to social transformations, stressing both similarities and differences in time and space, and emphasizing a coherent, comprehensive disciplinary basis (sociology, anthropology). It focuses on processes of transformation by actors at different levels in society and in different locations.
The Economics of Development specialization approaches the domain with an analytical framework primarily composed of several branches of applied economics, such as resource economics, environmental economics, agricultural economics and new institutional economics. The focus is on the behavior of individuals, groups of individuals and institutions, as well as on the consequences of this behavior for development at regional, national and international levels.
The Communication, Technology and Policy specialization addresses the domain through a focus on the contributions of technology, communication and law to the strengthening of transformative processes. Contributing to transformative processes requires a training in the development and application of transdisciplinary knowledge.
The programme prepares the student for a professional role in research, teaching, advice and policymaking.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this MSc programme graduates are expected to be able to:
- formulate, conduct and assess research, and critically reflect on theories within the domain of international development studies;
- translate results from social science research into development policies and evaluate existing policies within the domain;
- adapt to and function in diverse multidisciplinary teams and organizational settings, taking into consideration the complex contexts of the domain;
and, depending on the specialization, of:
- formulate, conduct and assess sociological/anthropological research, economic research, or research in cross-cutting domains of technological, communicative and juridical processes;
- translate research findings from the perspective of the specialization into development policies and intervention strategies for sustainable development, taking into account the increasing interdependency at international level.

Research Master Variant
Students who want to prepare for a career in scientific research can opt for the Research Master Variant of the programme. This variant focuses extra on research competencies and disciplinary knowledge. It can be done within each of the specializations. Students need a positive study advise and assessment to be admitted to the Research Master Variant.


- Sociology of Development;
- Economics of Development;
- Communication, Technology and Policy.

Programme Director

Drs M.G.C. Smetsers
Phone: 0317-(4)84737

Study Adviser(s)

- Dr S. Loman
Phone: 0317- (4)84637
- Drs M.G.C. Smetsers
Phone: 0317-(4)84737

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr ir J.P.M. van Tatenhove
Secretary: Drs M.G.C. Smetsers


Study Association

Ipso Facto
De Leeuwenborch, Hollandseweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen