Biology (MBI) / MSc


Biological issues are at the forefront of the technological advance of modern society and are central to global concerns about how we affect, and are affected by, our environment. In the MSc programme Biology at Wageningen University the students specialize, extend, and deepen their knowledge and skills in a chosen field in the domain of biology. Students study complex biological systems at scales ranging from single molecules to whole ecosystems. To be well equipped for this task, students have to learn to make rational choices regarding the formulation of a biological question, designing a research approach, executing their research plan and communicating the results of their research. The objective of the MSc programme Biology is therefore to teach students how to develop the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this MSc programme graduates are expected to:
- have specialized knowledge and understanding of the fundamental concepts and mechanisms in biology in his chosen discipline;
- be able to recognize gaps in his knowledge and to review and acquire knowledge in response;
- know how to use and evaluate the use of the state of art research techniques in the field biology;
- be able to apply knowledge of physics, mathematics, statistics and chemistry and relate concepts at molecular, cell, organism, population or ecosystem level to solve complex biological problems;
- be able to write, evaluate and adapt a research plan in the field of biology;
- be capable of doing experiments, collecting data and interpreting the results in the field of biology;
- be capable of clearly communicating the outcomes of his research and discuss these results with specialists and non-specialists;
- be able to interpret biological texts, recognize different ways of reasoning and has a critical and constructive attitude with regard to the analysis and solving of a complex biological problem;
- be able to work in or lead a multidisciplinary team and is able to reflect on his own and other's performances with regard to team roles and group dynamics in order to improve the quality of the team;
- be able to reflect on and discuss the societal and ethical aspects of biological research and is able to integrate these ethical aspects in his scientific work.


- Cell Biology
- Plant Biology
- Animal Biology
- Ecology

Programme Director

Ir M.V. Coppens
Phone: 0317-(4)82407

Study Adviser(s)

Dr P.W. de Jong
Phone: 0317-(4)82806

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr D. Vreugdenhil
Secretary: Ir M.V. Coppens


Study Association

B.V.W. Biologica
Membership 9 Euro a year
B.V.W. Biologica, Forum / Building 102; Droevendaalsesteeg 2, Wageningen