Molecular Life Sciences (BML) / BSc


The BSc programme Molecular Life Sciences focuses on the investigation of molecules and molecular assemblies, their structure and dynamics, interactions and functions. It provides a fundamental background in various fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology on both a theoretical and methodological level. The integrated approach from the basic disciplines yields a powerful tool to understand and explore a broad range of phenomena in the domain of the life sciences on the molecular level.

Learning Outcomes

After succesful completion of this BSc-programme graduates are expected to have:
- the intellectual basic competences to reason logically, reflect critically, communicate clearly, design systematically, work interdisciplinary, analyse carefully and estimate the social, ethical and environmental implications of scientific research, with special reference to the field of the molecular life sciences;
- the basic knowledge and skills in the fields of chemistry, physics, mathematics and biology to investigate or modify systems on a molecular or cellular level;
- the ability to contribute to interdisciplinary research projects in the areas of the molecular life sciences.

Programme Director

Dr ir P.A. Barneveld
Phone: 0317-(4)84962

Study Adviser(s)

- Dr C. W. Hoogendam (A - K)
Phone: 0317-(4)84426
- Dr ir J. Wellink (L - Z)
Phone: 0317-(4)83266

Programme Committee

Chair: Dr ir P.A. Barneveld
Secretary: Dr ir P.A. Barneveld


Study Association

MSV Alchimica

Unconditional Admission to the MSc

MBF Bioinformatics
MBT Biotechnology
MDR Development and Rural Innovation
MML Molecular Life Sciences