BSc Minor Health and Society (WUHES) / BSc


Nowadays, it is widely acknowledged that health results from a combination of individual and collective actions and is influenced by a wide range of social and bio-physical factors such as culture, socio-economic structure and social cohesion but also air and water quality, climate and the state of the natural environment. The process of globalization adds a new dimension to this multi-causal process.
This BSc minor provides students with an in-depth understanding of multiple social and bio-physical environmental determinants of health, and their interaction at the individual, local and global level. The BSc minor combines expertise from social psychology, sociology, anthropology and health promotion. Overall, the BSc minor aims to give students insight into the multiple causes of and solutions for health issues in developed and developing countries, to understand the interdependence of the causes and teach them how to address problems through health promotion actions.
Students are challenged to analyse and contribute to developing action programs for emerging health issues at the local as well as the global level. For this, diverse scientific methods will be used, such as interviewing, observation, qualitative data analysis and analysis of current health issues, policies and actions.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- understand the different socio-cultural perspectives on lifestyle, health and illness in the contexts of developed and developing countries;
- interpret research and action programs targeting the improvement of health;
- apply scientific information from different disciplines such as health psychology, sociology and anthropology of health and health promotion in the context of local, national and global health issues;
- analyse the individual,socio-cultural and bio-physical determinants of health and their interaction at multiple levels, from local to global;
- judge possible solutions to improve the health determinants and action plans.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Dr ir M.A.E. Wagemakers
Phone: 0317-(4)82613

Target Group

This minor is interesting for BVG, BIN, BBC, BIL, BMW and BTC.

Components of the BSc Minor