BSc Minor Agricultural Business Management (WUABM) / BSc


This BSc minor deals with business economics, management and marketing in agriculture. Related disciplines/ topics like decision science, economics of agribusiness and theory and practice of cooperatives are optional in the minor.

Learning Outcomes

After successful completion of this minor students are expected to be able to:
- explain the main concepts and methods of business economics, management and marketing in agriculture;
- apply these concepts and methods in different problem areas and under different perspectives;
- explain the economic theory of the agribusiness and the behaviour of the agents in the agribusiness;
- recognize the meaning of the agribusiness for the economics, management and marketing of the farm business.

BSc Minor Coordinator

Ir G.W.J. Giesen
Phone : 0317-(4)82953

Target Group

This minor is interesting for BAT, BDW and BPW.

Components of the BSc Minor