MST-31806 Advanced Facility Management


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Problem-based learning6
Course coordinator(s)dr. HB Kok
Lecturer(s)dr. HB Kok
Examiner(s)dr. HB Kok
prof. dr. SWF Omta

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Assumed knowledge on:

Introduction Facility Management

Continuation courses:

Thesis Facility Management


The course consists of lectures, interactive tutorials, guest lecture by a FM practitioner about a problem that is in need of innovation, and an extensive group assignment. Facility management is applicable to all organizations because they continuously need improved facility services and place for their work. Facility management is perceived as a management of premises and support services, reinforcing the balance between the business management, users, and service providers. It bridges the gap between the core business and business support activities of an organization. The following issues in facility management are discussed in the course; the customer-oriented approach, facility portfolio optimization, cost cutting, (out) sourcing, business process reengineering and to seek added shareholder value. Through innovation facility management gains a competitive advantage for the organisation. Facility management is dedicated to a continuous new development and innovation of products, services, and processes in a chain and network environment.
The management of innovative facility projects is discussed in detail. Students learn to plan their assignment according to the PRINCE II method for project management.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the student may expect to be able to:
- understand the key concepts of innovation and management of innovative projects in the context of facility management;
- comprehend different forms of facility innovation by their outcome and process with examples such as innovation of the office environment and business process reengineering of facility management processes;
- demonstrate analytic skills in respect to a problem statement of a client that is in need of innovation in a presentation to the group clarifying the stated problem and proposing a way to the needed innovation;
- design in broad terms a project for a given innovative facility management question or problem;
- write a message to general management to convince them of the potential of facility management innovation


Lectures and case studies.


Written exam and a case study report.


Wagenberg, van & T. Mudrak (2003), Advanced facility management, reader, Management Studies Group;
Onna, M. van & A.Koning (2003),The Little Prince 2: a practical guide to project management, PinkRoccade Educational Services / Ten Hagen Stam Publishers, NL

Restricted Optional for: MMEManagement, Economics and Consumer StudiesMScA: Management Studies2MO