MCB-11306 Introduction to Management and Consumer Studies


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Individual Paper1
Course coordinator(s)dr. JLF Hagelaar
Lecturer(s)dr. YK van Dam
dr. G Hagelaar
ir. MA Zijp
dr. WJJ Bijman
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. JCM van Trijp

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This course is divided in two parts.
The first part is an introduction to the Bsc Management and Consumerstudies. This introductory course familiarises students with the basic principles of the Bsc Management and Consumer studies. Fundamental is the idea that consumers' preferences are responded to by a supply chain of closely cooperating companies. This overall idea encompasses four domains which will be presented separately and in their interrelation. The four domains are consumer behavior, company behavior, inter-organizational cooperation and the regulatory environment of companies. The main theoretical perspectives on consumer behavior, firm behavior, cooperation and environment will be presented. The theoretical insights will be linked with practical insights into the different domains.
The second part of this course is skills oriented. Students will get an introduction into the use of computer programs, the library (including searching for scientific literature) and in the critical assessment of scientific literature and scientific writing.

Learning outcomes:

Founding principles:
- to comprehend the domains (consumer behavior, firm behavior, inter-organizational cooperation and regulatory environment) of the Bsc study Management and Consumerstudies;
- to comprehend the interrelationship between these four domains;
- to comprehend basic theoretical approaches within the four domains;
- to apply a theoretical approach to the above mentioned domains;
demonstrate the ability to adopt the above stated knowledge to real life cases. Skills
- to be able to use Wageningen University-computer programs;
- to be able to make explicit the search for scientific literature;
- to assess the quality of the outcomes of the search for scientific literature.
To be able to:
- write an objective and impersonal report that:
a) provides valid arguments for the choices made by the author;
b) allows the reproduction of the research project that is reported.


Lectures, study and assignments.


The examination will be a Take Home Exam in which the contents of the domains and the skills on searching and assessing scientific information, is integrated.


A reader.

Compulsory for: BBCManagement and Consumer StudiesBSc1AF