HAP-30806 Integrated Neuroendocrinology


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Practical intensively supervised16
Project learning7
Course coordinator(s)dr. KJ Teerds
Lecturer(s)dr. KJ Teerds
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. J Keijer

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Human and Animal Biology and Behavior and Endocrinology (resp. EZO-10306, HAP-20306, ETH-20306)


During the course Brain & Hormones different aspects of brain function in relation to behaviour will be discussed. The course is subdivided in 7 themes, namely Histology, Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain, Sleep and Biological Rhythms, Emotion, Stress, Homeostasis and Digestive Behaviour, Reproductive Behaviour, Psychopharmacology and Drug Abuse, and Neuronal Disorders. Although subdivided in different themes, it should become clear during the course that the same area in the brain can have completely different functions. Besides receiving signals through neuronal innervations the brain also receives many hormonal signals, which either can elicit an independent effect, or can become integrated with neuronal signals.

Learning outcomes:

The student should obtain knowledge about the relation between:
- the morphology and function of the brain in relation to signal reception, transduction and humoral and/or hormonal out put;
- brain function and the consequences for behaviours such as sleep, emotion, reproduction and addiction.


Apart from lectures (some invited lecturers) also problem oriented education classes and cases are part of the course. Computer-aided practicals and practicals in neuro-anatomy, histology and neurophysiology are used to illustrate and exercise brain anatomy and electrophysiology.


The written exam consists of essay questions on the content of the lectures, the problem oriented education classes and the practicals.


Apart from hand-outs, lecture notes and study manual, the textbook Physiology of Behavior by NR Carlson (10th edition, 2010) is used.

Restricted Optional for: MBIBiologyMScA: Cell Biology5MO
MBIBiologyMScC: Animal Biology5MO
MASAnimal SciencesMScF: Applied Zoology5MO
MMLMolecular Life SciencesMScA: Biomedical Research5MO
MMLMolecular Life SciencesMScB: Biological Chemistry5MO
MNHNutrition and HealthMScC: Molecular Nutrition and Toxicology5MO