FCH-11306 Nutritional Aspects of Foods


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
One day excursion4
Practical intensively supervised36
Problem-based learning12
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. PA Wierenga (peter.wierenga@wur.nl)
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. H Gruppen
dr. VVAM Schreurs
dr. ir. R Hartemink
prof. dr. JM Geleijnse
prof. dr. ir. AH Kersten
dr. GM Alink
dr. MV Boekschoten
prof. dr. ir. IMCM Rietjens
dr. ir. MF Engberink
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. H Gruppen
dr. ir. PA Wierenga

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

CBI-10306 Cell biology I

Continuation courses:

FCH-20806 Food Chemistry;
FCH-21806 Food Related Allergies and Intolerances


In this course the student will be acquainted with (possible) correlations between the prevention of major diseases and the consumption of specific components in the diet. The occurrence of these components in foods will be evaluated. In addition, the influence of processing and consumption on the function of these components will be discussed. Following the chemical structure and consumption of these nutrients/components a (tentative) correlation between the consumption and the prevention of diseases will be given. In the group work the students have to study the relation between health and food consumption for 4 separate cases.

Learning outcomes:

After successfully finishing this course the student is able to:
- point out which actual nutrition-related diseases or health problems are predominant and by the consumption of which foods and/or food components these diseases/problems are influenced;
- point out how these components influence the nutrition-related diseases or health problems;
- point out what the influence or specific food processing conditions is on the content, composition and bioavailability of these components;
- correlate different aspects of nutrition with those of food technology;
- critically reflect on the available information to form an independent objective opinion about the subject.


The course consists of lectures, followed by problem oriented group work and an additional excursion to a relevant food company.


Written examination.


Course guide.

Compulsory for: BFTFood TechnologyBSc4WD