ENP-81609 BSc Thesis Environmental Policy and Management Part 2


Credits 9.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Course coordinator(s)dr. K Kern
Examiner(s)dr. K Kern

Language of instruction:

Dutch and/or English

Mandatory knowledge:

BSc Thesis Environmental Policy: Analysis, Evaluation, and Design ; Environmental Economics for Environmental Sciences


The individual bachelor completion centres on application and synthesis of knowledge, acquired in the BSc, with an emphasis on environmental policy aspects in a broad sense (including management, economy, sociology, and juridical aspects). For a clearly demarcated environmental policy topic, students will write a state-of-the-art paper summarizing and reviewing relevant literature, part of which is offered by the supervisor. The results will also be presented orally (and optionally with an accompanying poster) to other students and faculty members, during a bachelors' seminar.

Learning outcomes:

After this course students are able to:
- formulate a research problem and do (literature) research according to scientific standards;
- integrate and apply theoretical knowledge obtained in the study;
- work individually and independently in scientific research (under supervision);
- plan and carry out the work within the available time;
- write a state-of-the-art paper on an environmental policy issue, on the basis of information from scientific literature;
- present and defend the results of such work for an audience of staff and students.


Students review literature, write a paper, and prepare and deliver a seminar presentation.


Depending on the subject.


A course outline will be available.

Compulsory for: BESEnvironmental SciencesBScA: Environmental Policy and Management2MO+3WD