COM-12306 Methods for Effective Communication


Credits 6.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Literature study
Course coordinator(s)dr. M de Bruin
Lecturer(s)dr. M de Bruin
Examiner(s)dr. M de Bruin

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A communication professional constantly faces the question what communication strategies, methods and media to select to address communication problems and challenges. In this course students learn to develop, design and evaluate communicative interventions in a scientifically sound manner. Examples of interventions are organising a man media campaign with the help of Entertainment-Education strategies:using peer approaches; building an internet site or designing visuals as part of communication campaigns. The course will pay attention to writing a communication plan tailored to a specific real-life situation and discussing and evaluating the specific building blocks of such a plan.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the students are expected to be able to:
- demonstrate detailed understanding of different communicative intervention strategies;
- identify and describe various approaches to intervention-related research;
- analyse real-life communication problems and challenges, and choose appropriate communicative intervention strategies on the basis of such analyses;
- demonstrate detailed understanding of different roles of communication in intervention mixes, and are able to balance communicative intervention with other (non-communicative) policy instruments;
- identify the key building blocks of a communication plan, and to have gained experience with developing a tailor-made communication plan for a specific problematic situation.


- literature study;
- (guest) lectures;
- individual and group assignments;
- workshops and discussion.


- written exam;
- participation in workshops and discussions;
- individual and group assignments.


To be announced.

Compulsory for: BCLCommunication and Life SciencesBSc6MO
Compulsory for: WUECLBSc Minor Communication, Research and Practice6MO