ADP-21803 Reproduction and Fertility


Credits 3.00

Teaching methodContact hours
Practical intensively supervised8
Course coordinator(s)dr. W Hazeleger
dr. ir. NM Soede
Lecturer(s)dr. W Hazeleger
dr. ir. NM Soede
prof. dr. ir. B Kemp
ir. LL Hoving
Examiner(s)dr. W Hazeleger
dr. ir. NM Soede

Language of instruction:

Dutch and/or English


This is an introductory course dealing with the reproduction and fertility of farm animals, fish and companion animals. Important subjects are; sex determination, gametogenesis, cyclicity, fertilisation, pregnancy, birth process, including the endocrine regulation of these events. Also, the modern reproductive technologies are dealt with (e.g. in vitro fertilisation, in vitro culture, embryo transfer). Effects of environment (e.g. nutrition, season) on reproductive processes will also be taken into account.

Learning outcomes:

After following this course, the students are:
- able to describe reproductive processes in companion and farm animals;
- aware of effects of management on reproductive processes.


Most of the course can be done in self study, based on the study handbook. In the meetings (not compulsory), specific topics will be presented and discussed. In the compulsory practicals, the students will learn about characteristics of reproductive processes and -organs of various species and will acquaint themselves with some aspects of modern reproductive technologies.


Written exam (open questions and multiple choice questions).


Handout and manual for practical. Book: Pathways to pregnancy and parturition, 2nd edition, P.L. Senger.

Compulsory for: BASAnimal SciencesBScA: Terrestrial Animals5MO
Compulsory for: WUAFSBSc Minor Animal Health and Welfare5MO