YBT-80324 BSc Thesis Biotechnology


Studiepunten 24.00

Course coordinator(s)coördinators BIC, BCT, BIF, BPE, CBI, ETE, FCH, FHM, FPE, GEN, HAP, HMI, HNE, MIB, MOB, NEM, ORC, PCC, SSB, VIR
Examiner(s)prof. dr. SC de Vries
prof. dr. ir. RH Wijffels
prof. dr. ir. HFJ Savelkoul
prof. dr. ir. MH Zwietering
prof. dr. ir. RM Boom
prof. dr. BJ Zwaan
prof. dr. MR Müller
prof. dr. WM de Vos
prof. dr. T Bisseling
prof. dr. ir. J Bakker
prof. dr. JT Zuilhof
prof. dr. MA Cohen Stuart successor
prof. dr. ir. G van Straten
prof. dr. JM Vlak
prof. dr. ir. HHM Rijnaarts

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

all other compulsory courses of major Biotechnology

Continuation courses:

MSc courses


Individual BSc thesis at one of the following chairs: BIC, BPE, CBI, ETE, FHM, FPE, GEN, HNE, MIB, MOB, NEM, ORC, PCC, SCO, SSB, VIR. Students work under supervision on research or design subject linked to research or design of chair offering topic.

Learning outcomes:

- to be able to function (under supervision) in a research or design setting;
- to be able to apply fundamental scientific knowledge;
- to be able to apply methods to search scientific literature;
- to be able to define objectives for a research or design project, formulate a model or hypothesis, and plan and perform experiments or tests (under supervision);
- to be able to report on design or research, both orally and in writing.


Under supervision planning, conducting and reporting research or design on biotechnological topic.


Based on report, oral presentation and performance during thesis.


Up to date scientific articles.

Verplicht voor: BBTBiotechnologyBSc1,2,3,4,5,6