SAL-10806 Introduction Leisure, Tourism and Environment


Studiepunten 6.00

Course coordinator(s)MJ Marchman
Lecturer(s)MJ Marchman
Examiner(s)MJ Marchman

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Continuation courses:

Leisure, Tourism and Environment:
- Concepts and Approaches (SAL-30306);
- Experiences and Environments (SAL-32306);
- Social Change and Globalisation (SAL-31306);
- Sustainable Development (SAL-31806).


The aim of this course is to provide students with a basic understanding of leisure and tourism and how these interact with the natural and built environments. It examines the production, regulation, organization and practice of leisure and tourism and the associated economic, social, cultural and environmental impacts over time and in different spatial contexts. The course's target participants include:
a) MLE students without previous knowledge of leisure and tourism - the course provides the background necessary for further courses on leisure, tourism and environment;
b) BPE students who chose the Nature and Agriculture specialization and all other students with an interest in the course.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of this course students are expected to be able to:
- situate the relationships between the concepts of leisure, recreation, tourism, travel and environment within shifting temporal and spatial contexts;
- recognise organising principles and determinants of leisure and tourism that build on and complicate traditional supply-and-demand perspectives;
- summarise the main economic, socio-cultural and environmental interactions and impacts generated by leisure and tourism for a range of different stakeholders;
- cooperate in small teams of students to prepare and communicate findings on timely and topical issues and debates in leisure and tourism;
- individually gather and interpret relevant data to produce an original essay on a debate linked to current issues in leisure and tourism studies covered in the course.


Lectures and literature study.


Written exam, essay.


Roberts, K.(2006), Leisure in contemporary society. CABI Publishing.
Selected readings.

Keuze voor: MTOLeisure, Tourism and EnvironmentMSc1AF
Verplicht voor: WUTCDBSc Minor Tourism, Conservation and Development4WD