RSO-21306 Policy, People and Resources in Comparative Perspective


Studiepunten 6.00

Literature study
Course coordinator(s)dr. PHM Derkzen
Lecturer(s)dr. PHM Derkzen
dr. ir. PA de Vries
Examiner(s)dr. PHM Derkzen
dr. ir. PA de Vries

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Assumed knowledge on:

Agrarische en rurale ontwikkeling: Sociological Perspectives


Working in international development settings will confront you with the politics of projects, the unexpected ways in which people mobilize resources, and the inventive translation of opaque policies. The course touches these topics by zooming in on discourses and theories of participation. There is a crisis in the legitimacy of our political systems and of development policies both in the West and in the Third World, and therefore different forms of participation are more than ever needed to sustain democratic processes. Knowledge about the use and abuse of participatory approaches is thus a key competence for working in international environments. Theoretically, this course introduces students into a number of key concepts in political sociology and anthropology, like power, legitimacy, governance, conflict and solidarity, patron-client relations, gender politics, and governmentality.

Learning outcomes:

- understand and explain key concepts in political sociology and anthropology;
- critically evaluate the use and abuse of participatory approaches;
- understand and explain the relation between resource mobilization, local politics and livelihoods among poor populations in the Third World;
- compare different approaches to politics and policy in relation to development and democracy.


- preparing working sessions in groups, i.e. analysing an issue by making use of articles, made available by the teachers;
- presenting the core-issues and stand points of the articles in the class;
- preparing the item for debate in class and coordination the debate.


Written examination on the content of all the lectures and the reader.


Required reading is taken from Textbooks and readers.

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