PAP-30806 Governance, Trust and Policy Change


Studiepunten 6.00

Individual Paper1
Literature study
Project learning21
Course coordinator(s)dr. GE Breeman
Lecturer(s)dr. GE Breeman
prof. dr. ir. JPM van Tatenhove
Examiner(s)dr. GE Breeman
prof. dr. ir. JPM van Tatenhove
prof. dr. ir. CJAM Termeer

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The classical roles of government are the provision of public goods and the prevention of negative external effects. However, the call for more and other policies interventions has become louder. Politicians and citizens demand for new types of authorities to control markets, better monitoring systems, and intelligent regulations. These calls go together with new forms of arrangements between government, private enterprises, NGOs, and citizens; usually summarized as governance. In this trend trust and change have become the new 'buzz-words'. The initiatives for policy changes and new governance arrangements come both from grass-roots levels (bottom up), and from public authorities (top-down). In this course we will explore what types of governance initiatives are available, how the call for policy change and new governance comes about, and what the effects of governance are for trust relations. Is trust, for instance, a precondition for governance, or does governance initiatives increase the levels of trust? And is trust better than control?

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course, students will be able to:
- analyze the rise of calls for policy interventions and change;
- distinguish between different types of governance initiatives;
- analyse and evaluate policy changes;
- understand the consequences of governance for trust-relations;
- analyze a governance initiative in terms of trust-relations and change through the analysis of a case-study.


After introduction of the core concepts we will analyze various governance initiatives in the domains of the life sciences. In the second half of the course we will work in small groups on a case study about governance: analyze how the call for policy change came about and what the effects have been on trust-relations.


- presentation;
- paper;
- written exam.



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