MIB-30303 Research Methods Microbiology


Studiepunten 3.00

Practical intensively supervised64
Course coordinator(s)dr. CM Plugge
Lecturer(s)dr. CM Plugge
Examiner(s)dr. CM Plugge

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Microbiology & Biochemistry, BScA/BScB Biotechnology/Molecular Sciences, Microbial Physiology

Continuation courses:

Major/Minor/internship Microbiology
Participation: Maximum number of students is 36


The advanced practical course microbiology offers a set of experiments that is based on on-going ecological, physiological and genetics/genomics research at the Laboratory of Microbiology. Besides the practical part, theoretical background and objectives of the experiments will be explained in several short lectures. Each student will participate in three experiments: one with a molecular-physiological focus, one with a molecular-ecological focus and one with focus on microbe-host interactions. Students work in small groups (~6 persons). Techniques that may be applied include: cultivation of (strict) anaerobic and other microorganisms; HPLC and GC analysis; FPLC analysis; gelelectrophoresis (protein and DNA/RNA); isolation, purification and amplification of RNA and DNA; bio-informatics.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to:
- perform various experiments using advanced methods commonly used in microbiology;
- describe follow-up experiments based on obtained results using available literature and electronic databases;
- interpret, present and describe the results in an oral presentation and written report.


Perform 3 laboratory experiments. Data will be processed, interpreted and presented in a short oral presentation as well as in a report.


The course will be judged on the basis of performance during the experimental phase and the report.


A manual will be available in the week before the start of the course at the Student Administration of the Laboratory of Microbiology.

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MBTBiotechnologyMScA: Cellular/Molecular Biotechnology3MO
MMLMolecular Life SciencesMSc3MO
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