MAT-14903 Mathematics 2


Studiepunten 3.00

Practical intensively supervised6
Course coordinator(s)dr. L Hemerik
dr. ir. JD Stigter
Lecturer(s)MJC Rienstra-Negenman
dr. OA van Herwaarden
dr. JHJ van Opheusden
dr. ir. JD Stigter
drs. CJA Bloemsma
prof. dr. ir. J Grasman
dr. L Hemerik
dr. ir. S van Mourik
LJ Astola
RP Middelveld
dr. RE Schouten
dr. GAK van Voorn
AB van der Roest
JP van Leeuwen
Examiner(s)dr. L Hemerik
dr. ir. JD Stigter

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

MAT-14803 or Dutch VWO Wiskunde B or comparable education

Continuation courses:



- sequences and series; iteration processes;
- calculus: differentiation and integration;
- simple first order differential equations.

Learning outcomes:

After this course, the student is expected to:
- have working knowledge of basic concepts, methods and techniques from calculus;
- be able to apply mathematical knowledge, insights and methods to solve basic problems in the life-, environmental and technological sciences using a systematic approach;
- be able to critically reflect upon the results;
- be able to interpret the results in terms of the problem that was modelled mathematically;
- be able to use mathematical software in elaborating mathematical models.


- before each lesson: extensive preparation by studying the subject matter of the lesson, doing the assigned exercises and formulating questions for the teacher;
- during each lesson: active participation by asking questions and by doing the assigned exercises (possibly in cooperation with other students);
- after each lesson: recapitulation of and reflection on the subject matter of the lesson;
- computer practical (compulsory).


Exam with open questions and/or short answer questions and/or multiple choice questions. The practical (attendance compulsory) has to be completed with the grading ' sufficient' .


M. de Gee, 2009 of recenter, Wiskunde in Werking deel 2: analyse toegepast (revised edition). Utrecht, Epsilon Uitgaven, wetenschappelijke reeks nr. 49.
L. Hemerik en J.D. Stigter, Handleiding Wiskunde 2, WURshop.

Verplicht voor: BBIBiologyBSc2MO
BSWSoil, Water, AtmosphereBSc5MO
BBNForest and Nature ConservationBSc5MO
BASAnimal SciencesBSc2MO
BLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningBSc2AF
BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc2MO
BFTFood TechnologyBSc3MO
BESEnvironmental SciencesBSc5MO
BPWPlant SciencesBSc2AF
BATBiosystems EngineeringBSc1AF
Keuze voor: BMLMolecular Life SciencesBSc2AF
BMLMolecular Life SciencesBSc1AF
BMLMolecular Life SciencesBSc2AF
MFNForest and Nature ConservationMSc2AF, 2MO
MESEnvironmental SciencesMSc1AF