LAD-10806 Soil and Water I


Studiepunten 6.00

One day excursion4
Learning supported by IT
Practical extensively supervised4
Practical intensively supervised12
Course coordinator(s)ing. GJWC Peek
dr. RMM Roijackers (part water)
Lecturer(s)ing. GJWC Peek
ir. MG Keizer
prof. dr. ir. R Uijlenhoet
dr. ir. JC van Dam
dr. RMM Roijackers
dr. ir. AJAM Temme
Examiner(s)ing. GJWC Peek
dr. ir. JJM de Klein

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The course provides an overview of the role of soils and water in the landscape. The diversity and coherence in space and time plays a pivotal role. Soil science focuses on the relationships between geological processes, soil (forming) processes, soil properties and and the suitability of soils for different land use functions, including the growth and occurrence of plants in a spatial and ecological context.
Water is discussed in relation to driving factors behind human and natural water use.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course the student is expected to be able to:
- describe and explain global geological processes in relation to genesis of landscapes and sediments;
- describe and explain the role of chemical, physical and biological soil (forming) processes in relation to soil properties, soil quality, soil classification and the suitability of soils for different land use functions;
- describe and explain the role of ground water and surface water in landscape structures in relation to water quantity management and chemical and biological water quality;
- interpret and quantify basic issues of water flow in groundwater and urban water systems;
- describe and explain basic functional mechanisms in aquatic ecology.


Attend lectures, practicals (compulsory), supervised tutorials and excursion (compulsory). Carry out exercises.


Written exam at the end of the course


Part soil: lecture notes Inleiding bodem
Part water: lecture notes Inleiding water
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Verplicht voor: BSWSoil, Water, AtmosphereBSc2AF
BBNForest and Nature ConservationBSc3WD
BLPLandscape Architecture and PlanningBSc3WD
BILInternational Land and Water ManagementBSc2AF
BESEnvironmental SciencesBSc2AF