HNE-80930 MSc Thesis Human Nutrition


Studiepunten 30.00

Course coordinator(s)AE de Jong
Examiner(s)prof. dr. ir. FJ Kok

Language of instruction:

Dutch or English

Mandatory knowledge:

MNH students: Depending on the subject of the thesis, HNE-32806 Exposure Assessment in Nutrition and Health Research and one of the following corresponding courses: HNE-33306 Public Health Nutrition or HNE-32306 Clinical Nutrition or HNE-30306 Advances in Nutrition Behaviour or HNE-30506 Sensory Science I or HNE-36406 Food and Nutrition Security in Developing Countries or HNE-39806 Hidden Hunger: Micronutrient Deficiencies in Development Countries.
Other MSc students: prerequisite courses (in total 12 credits): to be individually discussed; in case Human Nutrition oriented courses lack in preparatory (e.g. BSc) training, HNE-25306 Food Components and Health is mandatory as an extra course.