HNE-33306 Public Health Nutrition: Policies and Programmes


Studiepunten 6.00

Problem-based learning8
Course coordinator(s)dr. ir. A Haveman-Nies
ir. R de Vlaming
Lecturer(s)prof. dr. ir. CPGM de Groot
dr. ir. ID Brouwer
dr. ir. JMA van Raaij
prof. dr. ir. P van 't Veer
dr. ir. A Haveman-Nies
dr. RJ Renes
dr. M de Bruin
ir. R de Vlaming
MSc G Duijzer
AJ Bukman
Examiner(s)dr. ir. A Haveman-Nies

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

HNE-20306 Nutrition Behaviour; MCB-10806 Social Psychology
From 2012 onwards:
HNE-31006 Study designs and interpretation in epidemiology and public health; HNE-33806 Public Health Practice


This course, together with the course Public Health Practice, are the core-courses for future public health nutritionists aiming at a career at regional and (inter)national level in the private and public health sector in developing and developed countries (western and non-western). In this course students learn how to appraise nutrition policies and how to develop nutrition interventions programmes. During this course students will be introduced to the multidisciplinary field Public Health Nutrition.
Nutrition policies address key nutritional problems and their impact on health. Typically, public health nutrition policy has been seen as a primary responsibility of the ministry of health and the health sector. However, the health sector has limited influence on the food and nutrition system. Also international and European organisations and partnerships affect national health policy. Students will be introduced to the working procedures of i.e. WHO, European Commission and Parliament and the Dutch government.
Intervention programmes promote health by directing individuals eating behaviour and influencing the social and physical environment. Students will learn that nutrition intake can be assessed on different levels: from nutrients to foods & food groups, to dietary patterns & eating habits.

Learning outcomes:

After successful completion of the course the student:
- Is able to appraise nutrition policies i.e.:
- knows the key nutrition policies and the organizations relevant in Public Health Nutrition (both international and national);
- is able to apply the principles of evidence-based decision making in proposing and comparing policy options in the domain of Public Health Nutrition;
- is able to formulate the rational for a preferred policy option and defend it to experts in the field;
- Is able to develop nutrition programmes i.e.:
- is able to critically evaluate the use of different nutrition surveillance methods and dietary indicators in Public Health Nutrition;
- is able to develop nutrition intervention programmes using the Intervention Mapping approach;
- is aware that multiple stakeholders are involved in the development and implementation of intervention programmes in public health practice
- is able to present an intervention plan by letter and orally to an assessment or review board;
- Has insight in the competencies of a public health nutritionist.


Students will apply the theory about public health nutrition policy making and intervention programme development from the lectures and literature in 2 group assignments. In the first assignment, students will critically appraise national policy decisions by their evidence-base and applicability in practice. In the second assignment, students will practice the development of a nutrition intervention by use of the Intervention Mapping approach. The course includes 26 lecture hours and 8 hours of plenary presentations of the group assignments. Students are expected to work in groups for 8-16 hours a week of which 1 or 2 times a week 45 min guided by a tutor.


The assessment of this course will be based on a written exam with open-ended questions and the two groups assignments. Written exam and the assignments will be weighed equally, each 33% . However, a mark of 5.5 for each individual part is required to successfully complete the course.


Course reader including literature will be available at the WUR Shop, Forum. The course is supported by a digital Blackboard learning environment.

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