HNE-23801 Lectures and Excursion


Studiepunten 1.00

One day excursion24
Course coordinator(s)ir. RCL Marteijn
Examiner(s)ir. RCL Marteijn

Language of instruction:


Assumed knowledge on:

Basic knowledge on the domain of Nutrition and Health


Participation in lectures and excursions organized, amongst others, by the study-association Di-et-Tri. The amount of study-load will be determined, preferably in advance, by the course coordinator in consultation with the organisers of the activity. The number of participants for a given activity is limited by the organising party. By active participating in 3 day-long excursions or equivalent, this course will be completed.
Please note: although external conferences/symposia/etc. can be awarded with credits through this course, we can not fund costs for your participation to these events or related costs.
Excursions organised as part of this course will be subsidized.

Learning outcomes:

After attending lectures and/or national excursions, the student is expected to:
- have an increased awareness of the broadness of the domain of Nutrition and Health;
- have a better overview of the job-opportunities within the domain.


- attending national excursions organised a.o. by Di-et-Tri;
- attending extra-curricular lectures organised in Wageningen;
- at request, conferences/symposia attended (at own initiative) can also count towards the required hours.


Students should register their name and signature on the list provided by the organisation of the excursion or lecture. This list will be archived by the course coordinator. When a student has participated in a sufficient amount of activities, the course will be scored -upon request from the student- as a testimonium .

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